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CPAR Advanced Scholars Resource Centre 

CPAR Uganda plans to establish a resource centre at its Loro Base Camp that is located in Akaidebe B Village in Loro Sub-County in Oyam District; about 25-30 kilometres from Kamdini on the Kamdini-Lira highway and is about 40 kilometres from Lira Municipality. 

Its intention is to put to good use the hundreds of books, journals, and other reading material that it has accumulated – on health, agriculture, nutrition, etc., instead of the literature just sitting in its stores and on it shelves in its offices gathering dust.  

In the same spirit, it plans to contact other institutions – including of government, of not-for-profit and of the private sector to donate to its resource centre books, reports, magazines, all kinds of reading material for the benefit of the people of Oyam, first. But perhaps in the longer-term it will do the same in all districts where its base camps are located – Lira, Gulu and Pader.

The CPAR Advanced Scholars Resource Centre it is planned will function like a public library, but those who would like to use it – secondary school students, students of tertiary institutions, officers in government and not-for-profits, individual scholars and researchers -  would be required to pay a small membership fee to cater for the resource centre’s caretakers costs – cleaning, etc. 

Within its Loro Base Camp are buildings which can easily be renovated and fitted to host its planned CPAR Advanced Scholars Resource Centre. 

The plan to establish the CPAR Advanced Scholars Resource Centre was shared with the Loro Sub-County Elders Forum during a meeting that was held on Tuesday 16th August 2016 at the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp. The 22 elders representing 12 of the 15 villages of Loro Sub-County who attended the meeting gave their blessing for the resource centre. 

They welcomed it and promised to volunteer their time and expertise in assisting the CPAR Uganda Secretariat to get the project off the ground and to ensure that it is well used and that it is sustained.


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