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Guest of Honour for a Policy Dialogue on Tuberculosis in Uganda


Hon. Aol Betty Ocan will be the guest of honour for a CPAR Uganda Ltd  policy workshop on tuberculosis that it is planning to conduct soon under its project: "Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nations' Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE)".

Hon. Ocan has a wealth of the relevant experience for policy advocacy that TWENDE seeks. She is in her 11th year as a Member of Parliament in The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. She is in fact a member of the Health Committee of The Parliament. Prior to becoming an MP, she served for nine years as a District Local Councillor; hence she has over 20 years experience in active politics in Uganda.

It should be noted that her active participation as a politician is built on the foundation of her prior work as a development worker and an actor within civil society organisations for seven years. Prior to her work as a development worker she was a civil servant – a secondary school teacher for nine years.


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