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Plight of TB Patients in Uganda

The situation of tuberculosis (TB) patients in Uganda “has changed a lot because we now have drugs or oral tablets administered for treating TB for 6-8 months depending. TB is curable and thanks to that. I took TB treatment for six months and got well,” wrote Acheng Tabitha in response to the question: “This was over 25 years ago, but has the situation changed at all – for good or for bad?” which was posted on social media together with a testimony of a TB survivor from 25 years ago.

In particular, Acheng’s comments seem to have focused on responding to the part of the other survivor’s testimony that 25 years ago she was forced to abandon treatment:

“I was admitted together with other TB patients in isolation and in a separate ward. I was put on treatment, injections. It was very difficult because I had to beg for help for someone to inject me and so my injections were irregular. I was far away from home and it was difficult for my people to come and see me and to care for me in hospital. While at the hospital in the neighbouring district, my fellow TB patients and I had to find our own food and firewood; and to cook food for ourselves.  Life was so difficult. I was not able to complete the injection treatment. I decided to come home.”

 There is indeed evidence to show that there are some improvements in provision of TB medication. However, there is also evidence to suggest that in other areas of provision of TB healthcare things have either remained significantly the same or in some cases it has gotten worse.

Read the full “A Uganda Citizens Story: The case of a TB Survivor” here.

Photo Credit: Hon. Aol Betty Ocan, Member of Parliament, Woman Representative of Gulu District and Member of Health Committee of Parliament, speaking during  policy workshops on TB that were part of a qualitative investigation conducted by CPAR Uganda Ltd as part of the project: Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nation’s Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE).


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