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War and Peace - Peace Tastes like Roasted Pork

War and Peace

To know war is to feel the heat of sun when it is over head on a sunny day.
To know peace is to be like a king in his own palace.
To see war is to experience the difficulties people under go when faced with major problems.
To see peace is to have access to every basic necessities – peace tastes like roasted pork.
I believe peace is a better permanent substitute for war and war is not welcomed by most people. 

Doing Development Through Innovative Partnerships

Eboo in Field

CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farms to add value to eboo (cow peas leaves) – vegetable sun drying using the indigenous knowledge of the Lango peoples of Uganda – one of the examples of CPAR Uganda’s genuine wealth creation initiatives – food for you good health and for income generation.

The CPAR Uganda Finance and Administration Assistant Officer, Mrs. Rose Aceng Okello, has kicked off the project with class. She is the woman who is behind the production and value addition side; while Alinga Farms is taking the lead in the packaging and marketing.

Collective Marketing For Small Holder Farmers A Solution For Improving Livelihoods

Collective Marketing

"We sold our sorghum at 700 shillings per kilogram when other farmers in our area sold theirs at only 500 shillings per kilogram."

Par Pi Ocan Farmer Field School (FFS) group comprises of 30 farmers (10 men and 20 women) who came together in 2009 to work as a group and to help each other. This increased our social capital, particularly old women who were not be able to undertake some activities and were missing opportunities. As a group, we selected sorghum – of the Epuripuri variety – as the key crop for us to focus on for collective marketing. Individual group members bought the seeds from agents of the Farmers’ Centre – 14 members (11 women and 3 men) and they successfully produced and bulked 1,680 kilograms of sorghum.

Income Generation For The Benefit Of Helping Ugandans Living In Poverty

Office for Rent

CPAR Uganda Ltd owns four Base Camps – land and buildings in Gulu – Plot 30 Gulu Avenue in Gulu Municipality, Pader – in Pader Town Council, Loro in Oyam – Plot 26 Apac Road in Loro Sub-County and Lira – Plot 5 Makerere Road in Lira Municipality. These properties are in prime locations and are well suited to be utilised as offices, training and demonstration centres.