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Let us do our best to make some little contribution

I feel humbled to take this responsibility. I accept it with a lot of humility. In my teaching and the work that I do, when we accept to do something we commit to doing it very well. Doing things half-half makes it even more difficult.  I will rely on our collective responsibility. I will make sure that during my term of office I will work together

with the membership to make sure that CPAR Uganda Ltd has impact and makes significant contribution within its constituency.  The organisation has noble goals. I recall from the very beginning when we started, the focus was on emergencies, then livelihoods, agricultural production, and so on. We have a lot to be done. 

The environment in terms of financing is not very friendly. It will require a resolve of never giving up. It will require a resolve of continuing to persist and believing that what we are set to do is for the good of our society. For me this is what it means.  Our areas where CPAR Uganda Ltd is working – food security; livelihoods; health; and peace building – have a lot of requirements.  It is incumbent upon us that we do our best to make some little contribution. I have learnt in life that you do not necessarily have to make a big contribution.  If you can make one step forward and that step can have other incremental steps that is what is important. I want to be humble in that respect. 

The members of the Board and the management team are a great team of wise persons who would like to make a contribution. Let us do our part and make some contribution. I will do my best. I will rely upon you. We will work together.  I feel very happy with the management team in terms of their aggressiveness in terms of getting things done. This is very important. I would like that we continue with this spirit. I keep telling my team at the Makerere University College of  Health Sciences School of Public Health (MUSPH) and the students that I work with that I do not like indolent students who do not ask me to do something. This is because I get taken up with so many things. So, the more you keep knocking at the door the more we can do work better, going forward. This is not because I don’t want to work it is because it keeps me checked, when you knock on my door and remind me of my commitment to do the work.  

Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok, who has been our Chair for many years, I would like to thank you for steering the organisation. Of course you are going to stay on the Board and I know that you may even have a lot more ideas that will make the organisation grow. We will continue to look towards you for continuing to champion the cause of CPAR Uganda Ltd – lobby for support in terms of fundraising and all the mechanisms for continuing the survival of CPAR Uganda Ltd. 

Together, let us make the organisation continue to survive, thrive and do even better for our people. Thank you!

Acceptance Speech by Prof. Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach during the General Assembly Meeting of Saturday, 23rd April 2016. 
Board Chair (November 2015 to October 2018)
Prof. Dr. Orach is a public health specialist and he is currently the Deputy Dean of MUSPH


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