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CPAR Primary Schools Library


CPAR Uganda plans to establish a primary schools library, whereby it will source the approved Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) reading material and books for primary schools in order to access them to the pupils and teachers of the primary schools in Loro Sub-County in Oyam District in Northern Uganda. 

It plans to start with those schools nearby its Loro Base Camp which is about 25-30 kilometres from Kamdini on the Kamdini-Lira Highway, where the library shall be located. CPAR Uganda plans to allocate spaces within its Loro Base Camp for teachers to bring their pupils for reading sessions. 

During a meeting between CPAR Uganda and Elders of Loro Sub-County which was held at its Loro Base Camp on Tuesday, 16th August 2016, the Elders on behalf of the Loro community welcomed this initiative and gave it their full blessing.

However, the Elders advised CPAR Uganda to try and immediately institute a mobile library of sorts which operates during the school term so that the books are more easily accessible to pupils. And that during school holidays is when pupils can utilise the reading spaces provided at the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp. 

There are only two months remaining before the Primary Leaving Examinations will be done. CPAR Uganda promised to try and quickly source books and reading material for Primary Seven (P.7) pupils first and then subsequently source material for all classes.

The Head Teacher of Loro Primary School that is nearest to the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp has provided the following as the priority texts that are urgently needed for P.7 candidates for 2016:


  • Prime Educational Consult Math book
  • Revised me Mathematic book with work out answers
  • Peak Remedial Mathematics for Upper Primary


  • A comprehensive Integrated Science Revision text for P.5 – P.7
  • The Prime Integrated Science Work book for P.7 Term I to III
  • MK Précised Integrated Revision Science book 5 - 7


  • Junior English Composition and Grammar, by Cranmar Kalinda
  • Detailed English book 5 – 7, by Salvtore Amutenda 
  • MK Precise English for Upper Primary

Social Studies

  • MK Revision guide
  • The Sure Key to Success SST book 7 
  • Atlas – New Edition and Revised
  • The Sipro Learners work book – New Edition Term I, II & III

Subsequently, from 2017 and onwards, CPAR Uganda will work towards sourcing all other texts as recommended by the head teachers – including those that are listed above and the following as provided by the Head Teacher of Loro Primary School:


  • Sipro – Pamphlets and Syllabus 
  • Revised PLE past papers for Math, by Mr. Adyebo Cosmas
  • MK Primary Mathematics book 7
  • Longman
  • Understanding Mathematics
  • Primary School Mathematics – Revised Edition 1993 book 7
  • A New MK Primary Mathematics
  • Functional Mathematics book 7


  • Introduction to Biology
  • Basic Competences Integrated Science book 7
  • Fountain Integrated Primary Science Revision, by Anold Ntungwa
  • Understanding Integrated Science Pupils book 7
  • MK Integrated Science book 7
  • BAROUQUE Science.


  • St Bernard English Pupils’ Book
  • Basic Competence English Book 7
  • Updates on English Book 5 – 7
  • A Compilation of past paper for Eleven years.
  • Oxford Primary Dictionary.
  • MK Modern Primary English Pupils’ book 7
  • Grammar, by J. A. Bright
  • Longman

Social Studies

  • Fountain Revision SST
  • PLE Revision guide for Upper Primary, by Magezi
  • Sharing our World book 7
  • Comprehensive SST book 7, by Kitooke, Kyewalabye and F. Omwonyo.
  • Mukono Primary SST Pupils’ book 7

CPAR Uganda also intends to source and equip the library with other material that is not necessarily on the UNEB syllabus, but is good for the children’s learning, such as story books, novels, news papers, etc.


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