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Promoting Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

With effect from 2016, CPAR Uganda is utilising the land at it Loro Base Camp in Akaidebe B Village and in Alica Village in Oyam District to promote Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture. The CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp is approximately 25-30 kilometres from Kamdini a short distance off the Kamdini to Lira Highway and right opposite the Loro Sub-County Local Government Headquarters. 

CPAR Uganda’s nutrition and agriculture objectives for Loro Sub-County, to be achieved in the next two years are as follows: 

  • Improving dietary diversity and nutrition of the community – This will be done through promotion of agricultural production of various crop and animal enterprises, of which demons will be established at CPAR Uganda’s Loro Base Camp. These enterprises will be established in a manner that the community will be fully involved – working hand in hand with CPAR Uganda in order that each of the community members who participate can also replicate the enterprises at their respective homes.

  • Environment regeneration and preservation - The environment of the CPAR Uganda Base Camp will be revived and improved through agro-forestry with a focus on fruit trees and woodlots. The knowledge of how to will be shared with the community for free, but the seedlings will be sold to the community at a nominal fee. The little fees paid will be utilised to further manage and develop the enterprises. Follow-up extension services will also be provided for free. However, if the distances are far, there may be need for the farmer to cover modest transport costs. If the farmer comes to the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp the knowledge will be given freely.

  • Developing value chains – CPAR Uganda has already identified crops of high value – hibiscus sabdariffa and soya – which are high in nutrition and of high economic value. The value chains include processes beginning right from seed selection to consumption and marketing.  CPAR Uganda plans to work with farmers in developing value chains by giving them start up seeds and knowledge throughout one farming season. It will be done in form of contract farming within the philosophy of social enterprise. The participating farmers will enter into contract with CPAR Uganda. This will start right away during the up-coming planting season for 2016. The value chains that CPAR Uganda has identified have been put to three tests – economic value, nutrition value and cultural acceptability.
  • Income generation – We need money in our homes, we need to be people who are entrepreneurs. CPAR Uganda will freely share the knowledge of viable management of agricultural enterprises. This offer is extended only on condition that the participating community members do so within the systematic farmer field schools that CPAR Uganda will conduct at its Loro Base Camp.

These CPAR Uganda plans and objectives were shared with Loro Sub-County Elders during a meeting that was held at the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp on Tuesday, 16th August 2016. The Elders on behalf of the Loro community wholeheartedly welcomed and endorsed CPAR Uganda’s plans and objectives for promoting nutrition sensitive agriculture for the benefit of the people of Loro Sub-County first and subsequently for the entire Oyam District.

The Elders in fact advised that it would be best for CPAR Uganda to start with the 32 elders who had been invited to the meeting as part of the first group of farmers to benefit from the first farmer field schools. CPAR Uganda accepted this advice and cautioned that the Elders would be among the first 50 farmers – two farmer field schools each of 25 participants and that the elders would be expected to participate in full – doing the necessary practical work.

The first farmer field schools will hopefully begin during the 1st week of September 2016 using the hibiscus sabdariffa value chain; homestead vegetable growing for consumption and sale; and plating of fruit trees and wood lots.


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