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Agroforestry Project Impresses Dr. Okwir

“We shall definitely work together,” Dr. Okwir Wilson, District Veterinary Officer and Acting District Production Officer of Lira District Local Government (Lira DLG) assured CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) during a visit that he made to the CPAR Headquarters on Tuesday, 22nd November 2016. 

During his visit he toured the grounds of the CPAR Headquarters that are located on Plot 5 Makerere Road, in Central Division, in Lira Municipality, in Lira District. What follows are his words of advice to CPAR which he shared with the CPAR Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga: 

Am impressed by what you (CPAR) are doing, especially the local vegetables. These are things that we need on a daily basis. But unfortunately, in the villages these things are produced and then not eaten there but consumed in town (farmers harvest and sell to town dwellers). 

Secondly, although it is being produced in the village, the approach used, I think, is not the best. People are encroaching on wetlands. So, if we encourage farmers through trainings and demonstrations, such as yours (CPAR), so that every household has in its backyard, on its compound, vegetable and fruit gardens, we will be saving the environment – wet lands. 

We would also be making available very important food for human beings. 

This is very encouraging. We should, as you (CPAR) have suggested, promote it. Roll it out to as many people as possible.

I was also taking note that for some time I have not heard about CPAR – CPAR’s operation in Lira – may be for the last five years or so. At least today (Tuesday, 22nd November 2016) I have come and seen what you are doing.

My advice, as far as I have seen a number of things here - I have seen seedlings, all that is here cannot be accommodated here. So, there are too many seedlings there and the space is limited. If we have to deploy to put all those seedlings here, I can see that may be we shall only put them to the disadvantage of the local vegetables. 

To have very sweet (tasty) vegetables, they also need a lot of sunshine. Otherwise, if you put them in the shed, that process of making good food substance may not come out very well. So those seedlings, we need to get other places for them.

At the time when I came to know CPAR, I think it was mainly promoting tree seedlings or let me say it was an agroforestry organisation. It was responsible for promoting agroforestry. I encourage CPAR to continue with that earlier dream as much as we shall do new activities. The activities of promoting tree planting, whether trees for food, or trees for timber, lets continue with that. 

Yes, I come from Lira DLG - Production Department, as I was telling Rose (Mrs. Rose Aceng Okello, CPAR Finance and Administrative Officer) when she came to us, for us in Production we have sectors like: livestock, crops, entomology, fisheries. 

For us (Production Department) we work together. At any one time there is a Head, but that Head cannot work alone. We work as a team. So, for us to effectively collaborate, with you (CPAR) should document your dreams, how you want to achieve those dreams, and we share it within our teams. We shall definitely work together. 

(Photo Credit: Ms. Norah Owaraga, Managing Director, CPAR Uganda Ltd)


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