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The TB scourge in Uganda is more social than medical


“It tells us what different people think about TB and the present approaches for controlling it. I have noted that you have promised "some more" and I am eager to hear "the rest".”

Executive Secretary, Civil Society Organisation

“This work certainly provides a window into some of the challenges in tuberculosis care. The stigma issue seems particularly striking to me. As always, interested to hear about whether there's a possibility to support addressing some of these questions on the ground! I'll be very curious to read what ideas you may have for intervention.”

Medical Doctor and Member of Advisory Committee of Civil Society Organisation


“This is an important brief. There is hardly any better way of communicating that the TB problem in our country is more social than medical.

Executive Secretary of Civil Society Organisation


“The briefing and the report are very interesting and very informative. The way you have reported the findings, the flow and organisation of ideas is so amazing. You are so good in writing.”

Researcher, Public Institution


“The briefing, it has made me more aware of the effect of TB.”

Lab Technician, Public Hospital


“This is an important contribution to our efforts and I hope that those responsible for designing the control strategies will "listen carefully".”

Executive Secretary, Civil Society Organisation


“I like it very much... very pertinent findings.”

Researcher, Public Institution


“I’ve only had a chance to read it very quickly, but it was very informative to me and I’ll make sure to go over it again soon and provide feedback. And, of course, will be sharing it with others.”

Executive Director, Civil Society Organisation


“You are so good in writing. Actually it is very good and interesting.”

Researcher, Public Institution


“We shall popularize it. Is it okay if we posted it on our organisation’s website?”

Executive Director, Civil Society Organisation


These are some of the reactions to the findings of the CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) qualitative investigation in to pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in Uganda that went beyond “thank you for sharing” that came from several researchers, journalists, technical experts, administrators, politicians, and others who took the time to respond and to thank CPAR for sharing its research findings in the form of briefings.

 CPAR has begun to share its findings in the form of short briefings (each five pages, including cover and acknowledgement pages) that it is publishing on its website. Clearly, from the initial feedback that CPAR has received the research briefing findings and the findings have been well received.

The first briefing, titled: “Tuberculosis the Silent Epidemic in Uganda’s Greater Northern Region”, which has been well received, focused on sharing CPAR’s research findings on PTB prevalence in Northern Uganda and the PDF is available to download free

CPAR, in addition, shared the links to its first PTB research findings briefing to its social media sites and as of this morning (07:00 a.m. on Monday, 9th July 2018) on its face book page, “Building Healthy Communities”, a page which had a following of over 27,240, the first briefing had reached over 2,940 and was had been liked by over 1,300.



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