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Our Partnership with GlobalGiving to Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda – Progress Report 01


We, at CPAR Uganda, are delighted that following our performance during the GlobalGiving September 2018 Accelerator, GlobalGiving gave us an “exceptional invite” to become among their permanent partners. Our partnership with GlobalGiving means that we are now permanently featured on their website, where we have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships and exposure to a new donor network; and through their website we are accessing dozens of online fundraising tools.

Our journey to permanently partner with GlobalGiving began recently when we were selected by them to participate in September in their Accelerator, a fundraising opportunity for non-profit organisations around the world.GlobalGiving challenged us during the period 10th September to 2nd October 2018 to fundraise online through their platform and to raise at least $5,000 from 40 donors for our first project with them, “Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda”.

As of Sunday, 6th October 2018, from 39 donors we have received 40 donations totalling to US$ 2,816.  This means that we have so far raised 56% of the targeted $5,000 from 98% of the targeted 40 donors; and which means, therefore, that we have not yet achieved the Accelerator graduation threshold. For this reason, our becoming a permanent partner of GlobalGiving was thus by “exceptional invite.”


It is important, however, to note that while GlobalGiving made an “exceptional invite” to us to become their permanent partner they still require us to raise the full Accelerator target of $5,000.


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