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What CPAR Uganda Does


Essentially, our current work focuses on prevention of ill-health, in other words, preventative health care. We have two major programme areas and you can read their detailed  descriptions  in our company profile that is available to download from our website through this link.

 In summary, our two programme areas are:

1.      Promoting food and nutrition security;  an area which covers all determinants of food and nutrition security, including one’s ability to:

a)   Produce one’s own food – therefore issues of agricultural production, including issues related with agronomy and other factors, such as access to land for food production.

b)   Afford to buy food – therefore issue of livelihoods and economic access to food.

c)   Access to food that is culturally acceptable – therefore addressing issues of how access to food may be impacted on by socio-cultural issues, discrimination, xenophobia, etc.

The theory of change being that if one eats well, then one’s body will be well and strong enough to keep at bay certain common illness that are related to malnutrition.  Read more here.

2.      Advocacy for public health services provision to better manage and to slow down infectious diseases or better still to end infectious diseases, such as our current work on tuberculosis. Our advocacy work consists of:

a)   Conducting empirical research.

b)   Using the empirical research findings to advocate for more appropriate interventions and services provision.

Essentially, the intention of our advocacy programme area is for us to generate knowledge and to package it in a manner that allows us and others to further exploit the knowledge and to turn it into appropriate interventions that make a positive difference at grassroots level. This can be through academic papers, books, policy statements, implementation programme designs, etc.  Read more here.

Our work method is promoting the change agent or agent of change or field animator models, in which we have few full-time paid staff who train and support volunteer change agents in the field; and it is the latter who then do the work of facilitating self-reliant participatory development processes in their respective communities.

Hence, our plan to introduce a mentoring programme for university student interns for which we are currently conducting crowd fundraising through the GlobalGiving Foundation. We have so far raised sufficient funds to launch our mentoring programme in 2019, but we still do need to raise plenty more funds in order to achieve our target of raising US$ 50,000 for mentoring 100 university student interns over a two-year period.

We thus invite you to make a donation of US$ 10 or more (one off or monthly) towards our mentoring programme and also to spread the word to others within your wider networks, encouraging them to donate to our noble cause that is ultimately intended to help communities in Greater Northern Uganda, the poorest region in our country, to improve standards of living at household level through self-reliant participatory development initiatives in which they, the communities of Greater Northern Uganda, are the key players.

We appreciate any help that you can give us to promote our work to others with whom we can potentially forge partnerships – funding and or joint implementation.



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