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Progress Report 2 for the Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda Project

This is our second progress report on our project, “Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda” in partnership with GlobalGiving. This report covers the period October to December 2018.  

Our Successes

GlobalGiving Membership: We continued to enjoy the “exceptional invite” given to us by the GlobalGiving Foundation to be among their permanent partners. We continued to be permanently featured on the GlobalGiving website, and had access to online fundraising tools. Our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, our project team leader, continued to be actively engaged with the GlobalGiving team and her fellow project leaders of thousands of initiatives from around the world that are in partnership with GlobalGiving. Through this engagement we are learning a lot about how to better our organisation; how to more effectively do online fundraising; and how to better utilise funds raised for maximum impact for the greater good of the communities that we serve, the reason for which our organisation was founded.

Raised Funds: As of 5th January 2019 an additional 16 donations totalling to US$ 511 were made towards the project, bringing the total donations received for the project to US$ 3,327 from 56 donations. We are delighted to report that three of our donors have committed to make recurrent monthly donations to the project – one has already successfully made four donations and another has three donations.

Received Funds: We have received two disbursements of funds from GlobalGiving totalling to UGX 10,028,646 (ten million twenty eight thousand six hundred forty six shillings), the equivalent of raised funds minus GlobalGiving fundraising administrative costs.

Students Mentored: On average the direct unit cost for mentoring a student is budgeted at UGX 1,850,000 (one million eight hundred and fifty thousand shillings). It is important to note that this unit cost does not include CPAR Uganda Ltd overhead costs, such as employee remuneration costs.  The funds so far disbursed to us comfortably enable us to mentor five students.

Student Mentoring Curriculum: We have agreed on the overall structure of the mentoring programme and are in the process of developing a detailed mentoring curriculum and the student recruitment/application packages. Our first five students for whom donations have been made will begin their mentorship and internship with us in July 2019, in conjunction with the calendar of tertiary institutions – July to August are the months during which tertiary students are expected to do their practical field experience.

Our Minimum Plans for the next Reporting Period

Reduce Cost of Giving: The cost of giving – the cost of making a donation - for our Ugandan donors is high due to the fact that online banking has not yet caught on in Uganda. We will continue to encourage our donors to better utilise the current online banking facilities that are available. This is in the meantime as we hope that GlobalGiving can work out a mechanism with one of the major telecom companies in Uganda that will facilitate our donors to make direct mobile money donations to GlobalGiving. This is as opposed to the current status quo in which our Uganda donors make mobile money donations to us; we use the donations to buy GlobalGiving gifts cards which we send to our donors to then complete the donation.

Nurture Culture of Saving to Give: We encountered several of our fellow Ugandans who believed in our cause and ideally wanted to support it financially, but who found themselves in situations that they were juggling multiple financial commitments and requirements expected of them and were thus unable at the time we asked them to support our project financials. It dawned on us that to a great degree we, as Ugandans, have not fully embraced the culture of actually planning to give, as in save for the purpose of giving. Ten of us – individual Ugandan donors to our project – have bought into the idea of developing and piloting a model, a vehicle if you will, or perhaps network of Ugandan professionals who are committed to the idea of saving for giving. The name “Giving Hearts” has been suggested for the team of ten. This month, January 2019, the “Giving Hearts” will meet and workout modalities.


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