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Funding For Our Financial Year Ended March 2014

During our financial year ended March 2014, we generated total funding of 769,261,768 (seven hundred and sixty nine million two hundred and sixty one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight) shillings of which 15 percent, 114,715,767 (one hundred and fourteen million seven hundred and fifteen thousand seven hundred and sixty seven) shillings CPAR Uganda internally generated, mostly from rent of our base camps.

External grant funding was provided to CPAR Uganda by:

The Canadian Government through the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief who granted 267,012,795 (two hundred and sixty seven million twelve thousand seven hundred and sixty seven) shillings; 35 percent.

The European Union through DanChurchAid who granted 240,560,773 (two hundred and forty million five hundred and sixty thousand seven hundred and seventy three) shillings; 31 percent.

The European Union through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation who granted 98,615,214 (ninety eight million six hundred and fifteen million two hundred and fourteen) shillings; 13 percent.

The Abim District Local Government who granted 48,357, 219 (forty eight million three hundred and thirty five thousand two hundred and nineteen) shillings; 6 percent.

CPAR Uganda is indebted to its funding partners, for without their support it would not have been able to impact positively on the lives of thousands of active poor rural farming households. Detail project reports are available on request from the CPAR Uganda Managing Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more on CPAR Uganda and its work please visit our website and webpage


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