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Research Findings – Social Support and Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) is pleased to inform you that its fourth pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) research findings briefing, “Social Support and Tuberculosis in Uganda’s Greater Northern Region”, is now available. This  fourth briefing specifically describes CPAR’s northern Uganda findings on: patient isolation; emotional support to patients; and the impact of food insecurity. The PDF (5 pages, including cover and acknowledgements pages) is available to download through this link.

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Sexual Pacification in Politics in Uganda

“Perceived sexual networks were understood as organized, persistent and repetitive acts, comments, jokes, statements or other related practices that are perceived to be derogatory in nature, targeting individuals on the basis of their sexual nature.

Such perceptions and practices also consistently appear in the media in form of women leaders decrying sexual advances from male colleagues or even surveys on who the most beautiful (and not even the most handsome) MPs are.

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Research Findings – TB Treatment Drugs Northern Uganda

“Persevering through PTB treatment to completion is apparently not for the weak-hearted due to side effects of the drugs. “The side effects of the drug, if not well managed, even a very able and most educated person will choose to go and die instead of completing treatment. Because every day they take the medicine, they feel those side effects,” shared a respondent in a qualitative empirical research study on tuberculosis in Uganda that CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) conducted in Uganda in 2016 to 2017.

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