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Health Care Services Policy Advocacy

Since January 2016, CPAR is implementing a research on Tuberculosis (TB) code-named: “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE)” and it is doing so in a consortium with:

  • School of Biomedical Sciences of the College of Health Sciences of MUK (Uganda)
  • Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kenya)
  • Kilimanjaro Research Institute (Tanzania)
  • National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) - Mbeya Medical Research Centre (Tanzania)
  • East Africa Health Research Commission (EAHRC) 
  • University of St. Andrews (UK) 

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Rights Abuse - English the Official Language


“I am now speaking English. I refer to the British language as a captured weapon we are now employing.” His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni speaking at the function at the residence of the British High Commissioner in Kampala for the 2017 Official Birthday celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also the 65th anniversary of her reign.

English, the official language of the Republic of Uganda, is not indigenous to the territory. It is not an ‘African-Ugandan’ language. It is the language of those who colonised the territory; a clear testament of sustaining neo-colonialism.

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The cause of poverty in Uganda

One of my favourite research topics is “Cultural Imperialism” and so you can imagine how I feel whenever I happen on material that describes or explains cultural imperialism. It makes me “woke”. Yes, this morning, Wednesday, 25th April 2018, I happened on and watched a video of an interview of Dr. Jorg Wiegratz (PhD) about his book: “Neoliberal Moral Economy in Africa”. I am “woke”.

I use the word “woke” herein to describe my state of being in the same context as “woke” is used in the women’s movement in pushing for progress to attain gender equality. Yes, “woke” to mean awake and not in the sense of “I am not asleep”, but in the sense of “I am aware”.

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Books for Uganda 06 Jul 2019

Last night, Wednesday, 4th July 2019, Prof. Arjan Verschor of the University of East Anglia (UEA) so...

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Sponsor a Young Adult to Participate in the CPAR Uganda Innovator Mentoring and Training Programme - Module 1: Understanding Poverty 25 Jun 2019

The United Nations (UN) is optimistic that we can actually “end poverty in all its forms everywhere...

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Innovator Mentoring Programme Launched 11 Jun 2019

  CPAR Uganda Ltd has chosen to contribute to human development through training and mentoring of young...

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