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Progress Report 2 for the Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda Project

This is our second progress report on our project, “Support Disadvantaged Student Interns in Uganda” in partnership with GlobalGiving. This report covers the period October to December 2018.  

Our Successes

GlobalGiving Membership: We continued to enjoy the “exceptional invite” given to us by the GlobalGiving Foundation to be among their permanent partners. We continued to be permanently featured on the GlobalGiving website, and had access to online fundraising tools. Our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, our project team leader, continued to be actively engaged with the GlobalGiving team and her fellow project leaders of thousands of initiatives from around the world that are in partnership with GlobalGiving. Through this engagement we are learning a lot about how to better our organisation; how to more effectively do online fundraising; and how to better utilise funds raised for maximum impact for the greater good of the communities that we serve, the reason for which our organisation was founded.

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Effective Evidence Based Advocacy for Healthy Dignified Lives

Dr Stavia Turyahabwe, Programme Manager, Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme agreed with research findings of CPAR Uganda’s investigation into pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda. This was revealed in an article in the Kampala Dispatch in the story: “Tuberculosis on the rise in northern Uganda”. The Kampala Dispatch is an online publication that brands itself as the provider of “Uganda’s News Monthly”

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It is time to End Tuberculosis in Uganda – Improve Diagnostic Services

Uganda has insufficient GeneXpert capacity – whether it is latent or real.  Appreciating the high TB prevalence rates in Uganda, action should urgently be taken in order to increase GeneXpert capacity in the country.  There are two ways in which this could be done.

·         The first, and the more practical way in terms of achievability in the short term, is ensuring the effective use of existing GeneXpert machines.  The reasons for machine downtime and malfunctioning are within the means of the Government to eradicate, through the provision of finances in order to ensure that the machines are well maintained – serviced regularly and as scheduled, as well as repaired promptly when the need arises.

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