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From humble beginnings in Paicho Village, Gulu District in Northern Uganda, he has attained illustrious academic and professional achievements and has been accorded multiple accolades for his service for the benefit of his fellow citizens of Uganda and the world.

He is the eighth child in a family of nine; a position which gave him the advantage to be mentored by his siblings, albeit sometimes unconsciously. He has fond memories of how he would read his big brother’s books – writings of and on Aristotle, Einstein, other great scholars and philosophers. His brother was in the Seminary and in 1950s Uganda being a seminarian was a huge deal.

One time, as a child, he had a wound on his toe and which necessitated his father to take him to hospital in Gulu Town. In 1950s Uganda a trip to the hospital was a whole day affair. One had to set off early from one’s village to walk or to ride a bicycle for many kilometres to the hospital in the town. Paicho is about 24 kilometres from Gulu Town, for example.  

At the hospital in 1950s Uganda, one had to be patient, waiting in a long line, until it was one’s turn to be seen by a doctor. As they waited in the long line at the hospital, he noted the sparkling clean hospital floors and corridors; and he was awestruck by medical personnel - smart in white coats and talking ‘big’ words, like anaesthesia, diagnosis, pharmacy and other words that he could neither spell nor read. In that little boy’s eyes the doctors were like God and he wanted to be like them.

That little boy did grow up to become a medical doctor and a professor, Professor Christopher Garimoi Orach, who is currently (September 2018) the Deputy Dean of the Makerere School of Public Health; a position through which he is giving back - nurturing hundreds of students in his charge.

In the spirit of community service, Prof. Orach finds time in his busy schedule to volunteer his expertise and participates in governing bodies of various institutions in the academic and the not-for-profit arena, including being among the founding members of  our not-for-profit organisation, CPAR Uganda Ltd; of which since November 2015 he is the Chairman of our Board Directors.

For nurturing him into a people-centred academic and professional, he credits family and other great mentors, such as Professor Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, who was his academic mentor and teacher, at the time Prof. Bukenya was the Dean of the School of Medicine of Makerere University Kampala. Professor Bukenya, a physician turned politician, was the Vice President of Uganda (2003-2011).

CPAR Uganda Ltd aspires to be a great mentor that inspires disadvantaged students affiliated to universities in Northern Uganda to become great achievers who not only contribute to improving standards of living in their region; but also in turn become great mentors of other great achievers.

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