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How To Unmask Poverty And Work Towards Wellbeing

Unmask Poverty


We are facilitators of conscious-awakening processes. We are mentors of active rural men and women, whom we motivate and encourage into self-reliant agents of positive change. We encourage them to voluntarily and actively participate in stimulating change processes that result in the enlightenment, empowerment and development of their respective peoples and communities.

CPAR Uganda was founded for the benefit of rural Ugandans with the overall strategic objective to contribute towards Ugandans leading healthy and dignified lives, during which their rights are respected and their basic and genuine needs are met by themselves.

CPAR Uganda works with communities utilising participatory approaches such as the Self-Reliant Participatory Development (SRPD) Methodology, as was developed and popularised in Uganda by Stan Burkey; the Farmer Field School (FFS) Methodology, as was developed and popularised in Uganda by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO); and the FFS method that the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) adapted for Livestock FFSs. Role plays, music, dance and drama are effective tools within genuine participatory adult learning methodologies and CPAR Uganda utilises these tools among the communities that it works with.


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