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TWENDE Qualitative Research Investigation – Progress in Uganda

As of 19th June 2017, CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) has so far conducted qualitative research investigations in six districts of Uganda for the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) funded empirical research and advocacy study project code named: “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE).”

In those six districts CPAR has conducted one-on-one interviews with a total of 30 persons, including: Resident District Commissioners, District Chairpersons, District Health Officers, Health Care Facility Administrators, Health Personnel, Tuberculosis (TB) patients or survivors and TB patients care givers.

CPAR has also conducted three focus group discussions on TB in three of the six districts; which discussions brought together a total of 71 persons; including mostly members of community volunteer village health teams, TB survivors, TB patient care givers, lower local government politicians, and health personnel.   

Qualitative investigations for the TWENDE project by CPAR are on-going and it is expected that CPAR will conduct investigations in another 14 districts where it is planned that it will conduct one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions.

All together, it is planned that CPAR will conduct investigations in 20 districts, representing all regions of Uganda. It is planned that for the TWENDE project CPAR will conduct a total of 224 one-on-one interviews and nine focus group discussions that will bring together a total of 225 persons. Read more about TWENDE Qualitative Research Investigations in Uganda here

Among CPAR’s roles as part of the TWENDE Consortium is to directly contribute to the achievement of two of the five objectives of the TWENDE project as follows:

  • Unravel the impediments to wider uptake of effective TB diagnostics and seek both local and international avenues to overcome the obstacles.
  • Engage policy makers on their stake in accelerating uptake of research innovations.

CPAR’s contribution to the TWENDE project includes participating in the implementation of project’s methodology of: “engagement: nurturing culture of dialogue between researchers and policy makers.” In this regard, the process of qualitative investigation in itself is part of the engagement – dialogue through focus group discussions.

It is planned that CPAR will conclude its qualitative data collection activities for the TWENDE project by the end of July 2017.

Ms. Norah Owaraga, CPAR Managing Director, is the Social Scientist for TWENDE and in that capacity she is taking the lead in guiding qualitative investigation for the TWENDE project. She is the author of this progress report.

Image Credit: Informer East Africa  


Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE)
Disclaimer: This is among the products of the TWENDE project that is part of the EDCTP2 programme supported by the European Union.  Whereas, the EDCTP Association and the European Union provided funding for the TWENDE Project, the views herein expressed are not necessarily those of the EDCTP Association or those of the European Union.