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Poverty Sustains Tuberculosis 

This analysis is authored by Norah Owaraga, the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda Ltd and the Social Scientist for the Tuberculosis: Empowering the Nations’ Diagnostics Efforts (TWENDE) Consortium. This analysis is primarily based on the country profiles that are published in the 2015 Global Tuberculosis Report and on country statistics that are published online by the World Bank.  

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Consortium Partners

 Here are the consortium partners:

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University of St Andrews Approves TWENDE

TWENDE – Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts – has received ethical approval from the University of St. Andrews. On 10th May 2016, acting on behalf of the University’s Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC) the University’s School of Medicine Ethics Committee granted ethical approval for TWENDE.

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Bio - Social Scientist

TWENDE stands for “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts” and is a consortium of seven institutions that is led by the University of St. Andrews. Twende is a Swahili word which means “let us go.” The theory of change of the TWENDE consortium is that time is now, let us go, and let us kick tuberculosis (TB) out of East Africa, Africa and the World.

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Breaking the Cycle of Uganda’s Tuberculosis Burden

“Twenty five years ago, I woke up early in the morning, around 05:00 a.m. and I went to the spring well to fetch water. It is good to fetch drinking water very early in the morning. As I tried to draw water from the well, I slid and fell into the well. I stayed in the water for a long while and I lost consciousness before I was rescued. About three years after I fell in the well, I started to experience chest pains and I began to cough. I received treatment for chest pains and for cough, but

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Profile - Lead Researchers



Dr. Wilber Sabiiti

Senior Research Fellow in Medicine, University of St. Andrews
United Kingdom
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