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CPAR Uganda Ltd 2009/2010 Annual Report

During our financial year that begun 1st April 2009 and ended 31st March 2010, CPAR Uganda spent more than 4.3 billion shillings, specifically Ushs. 4,359,977,564 (four billion, three hundred fifty nine million, nine hundred seventy seven thousand, five hundred and sixty four shillings), implementing projects for the benefit of disadvantages communities in Northern Uganda.

The beneficiaries of our actions included communities in the districts of Pader, Gulu, Lira, Amuru and Kitgum and who benefited as follows:

  • 10,076 people individually, members of 36 groups, members of 2,400 households, and clients of five health centre IIs benefited from our International Humanitarian Assistance project. They received training, agricultural inputs (animals, seeds and other planting material), and health care interventions.
  • 1,240 people individually benefited from our Stability Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Uganda project. They received training and agricultural inputs.
  • 8,090 people individually benefited from our Northern Uganda Rehabilitation Programme project. They received training, sensitisation and counselling services.
  • Clients of four health centre IIIs which we supplied with drugs and technical support under our Reproductive Health Access Information and Services in Emergency project.
  • Communities that benefited from the knowledge on mine risk that was provided to them through the 204 advocacy members and leaders whom we trained under our Gulu Walk project.
  • 7,000 people who were sensitized on appropriate sanitation by 200 village health team members that we trained under our UNICEF WASH project.
  • 15,600 households and users of 10 schools which received water vessels for safe storage of water, which we provided through our UNICEF WASH project.
  • 11,539 people individually, 3,505 households, residents of seven villages and clients of a health centre who benefited from our UNDP Quick Impact Project. They received training in various areas; and donations of a varied rage of inputs and materials necessary for enhancing their ability to meet their basic and genuine needs.
  • 4,483 people individually, members of 100 groups and members of 100 households who benefited from our Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief Farmers First project. They received training and donations of agricultural inputs, knowledge and technical support health care.

We are satisfied that our actions, as described above, contributed to the achievement of our CPAR Uganda mission “to overcome poverty and build healthy communities in Africa.” 

Without the support of our funding partners who provided CPAR Uganda with Ushs. 3,152,803,389 (three billion, one hundred fifty two million, eight hundred three thousand, three hundred and eighty nine shillings) in grant funding, we would not have been able to do this good. Our funding partners were:

In addition, CPAR Uganda was were able to locally generate a total of Ushs. 1,362,345,881 (one billion, three hundred sixty two, three hundred fourty five, eight hundred and eighty one shillings) in other revenue, including from interest income, hire of vehicles and administrative recoveries, among others.

The funds that CPAR Uganda received in grant funding were not all utilised during the reporting year. There was a surplus of Ushs. 155,171,705 (one hundred and fifty five million, one hundred seventy one, seven hundred and five shillings) in restricted grant funding that CPAR Uganda will utilise for implementation of projects during the next financial year.

CPAR Uganda’s Capital Fund (fixed assets) grew 843.9 percent to Ushs. 696,200,000 (six hundred nighty six million, two hundred thousand shillings) from Ushs. 82,498,816 (eighty two million four hundred ninety eight thousand, eight hundred sixteen shillings) the previous financial year. This growth was due to the fact that Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief formally donated its physical assets in Uganda (land, buildings, vehicles, office equipment and furniture, etc.) to CPAR Uganda Ltd.

Overall, a good year for CPAR Uganda and the communities that we serve.

Post featured picture: A doctor at one of the health care facilities supported by CPAR Uganda

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