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AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

“The group members were excited of the expected good yield as exhibited by the maize and groundnut gardens doing very well. The manyatta garden group farming is a success story that could be replicated. The group members visited had planted fruit trees of citrus (oranges) and some neem trees. The trees appeared well catered.”

Amudat District Local Government Monitoring Team

The Amudat District Local Government monitoring team visited three group manyatta gardens – Kakari, Kamosi and Mama Kelele in Loroo Sub-County, Amudat District. CPAR Uganda established the demons under the Karamoja Livelihoods Programme (KALIP) and in partnership with agro-pastoral communities.

CPAR Uganda procured inputs; distributed inputs; procured and supervised services for land opening; and it provided technical training in agronomic practices, among others.

The observations of the Amudat District Local Government monitoring team are based on the field monitoring exercise which they carried out from 28th to 29th August 2013 of the DCA KALIP implemented projects. CPAR Uganda is part of the DCA implementing consortium for the KALIP in Amudat and Nakapiripirit.

The KALIP is funded by the European Union in partnership with the Government of Uganda.

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