Asset base

The physical asset base of CPAR Uganda, with a book value of over 500 million shillings, is comprised of land and buildings in Gulu, Pader, Oyam and Lira; vehicles; assorted office equipment and furniture; and assorted field equipment.

CPAR Uganda owns four learning centres (formally named “base camps”) – land and buildings in Gulu – Plot 30 Gulu Avenue in Gulu Municipality, Pader – in Pader Town Council, Loro in Oyam – Plot 26 Apac Road in Loro Sub-County and Lira – Plot 5 Makerere Road in Lira Municipality. These properties are in prime locations and are well suited to be utilised as offices, training and demonstration centres.

In seven years, since its founding in 2008 to March 2015, case in point, CPAR Uganda has generated a total of 881,994,753 (eight hundred and eighty one, nine hundred and ninety four thousand seven hundred and fifty three) shillings from these properties, mostly from rent as follows:

  • Gulu Centre: A total of 399,816,584 (three hundred and ninety nine million eight hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred and eighty four) shillings.
  • Pader Centre: A total of 242,403,234 (two hundred and forty two million four hundred and three thousand two hundred and thirty four) shillings.
  • Oyam Centre: A total of 210,798,668 (two hundred and ten million, seven hundred and ninety eight thousand six hundred and sixty eight) shillings.
  • Lira Centre: A total of 28,976,267 (twenty eight million, nine hundred and seventy six thousand, two hundred and sixty seven) shillings.

The funds that CPAR Uganda generates from these properties it contributes to cover costs of implementing its development programmes in the Greater Northern Uganda.

For more information and to rent please email as on

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