During the past seven years, since its founding in 2008 to March 2015, CPAR Uganda Ltd has received a total of 11,008,360,952 (eleven billion, eight million, three hundred and sixty thousand, nine hundred and fifty two) shillings as grant funding to implement relief and development programmes in the Greater Northern Uganda – Acholi, Lango and Karamoja.

This funding was provided by:

  • CANADIAN PHYSICIANS FOR AID AND RELIEF (including grants from the Canadian Government): A total of 3,795,948,160 (three billion, seven hundred and ninety five million, nine hundred and forty eight thousand, one hundred and eighty) shillings.
  • UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP): A total of 2,778,734,338 (two billion, seven hundred and seventy eight million, seven hundred and thirty four thousand, three hundred and thirty eight) shillings.
  • DANCHURCHAID (including funding from the Danish Government and the European Union): A total of 1,436,531,962 (one billion, four hundred and thirty six million, five hundred and thirty one thousand, nine hundred and sixty) shillings.
  • MARIE STOPES UGANDA: A total of 1,000,683,441 (one billion, six hundred and eighty three thousand, four hundred and forty one) shillings.
  • UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN FUND (UNICEF): A total of 792,244,555 (seven hundred and ninety two million, two hundred and forty four thousand, five hundred and fifty five) shillings.
  • UNITED NATIONS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION (UNFAO): A total of 352,725,637 (three hundred and fifty two million, seven hundred and twenty five thousand, six hundred and thirty seven) shillings.
  • The jointly founded Government of Denmark and Government of Uganda project “AGRI-BUSINESS INTIATIVE TRUST”: A total of 309,379,950 (three hundred and nine million, three hundred and seventy nine thousand, nine hundred and fifty) shillings.
  • UNITED STATES AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (USAID): A total of 277,876,244 (two hundred and seventy seven million, eight hundred and seventy six thousand, two hundred and forty four) shillings.
  • The European Union funded NORTHERN UGANDA REHABILITATION PROGRAMME: A total of 233,605,672 (two hundred and thirty three million, six hundred and five thousand, six hundred and seventy two) shillings.
  • The LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (LED) Programme through the Abim District Local Government: A total of 30,631,000 (thirty million, six hundred and thirty one) shillings.

CPAR Uganda is indebted to all our funding partners. You trusted us and through us you provided support that contribution towards building healthy communities in Uganda.

Thank you.

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