Under our empirical evidence based Policy Advocacy Programme, CPAR Uganda Ltd will function as a consulting organisation. The thrust of the theory of change that informs the premise on which our policy advocacy programme is based, is the assumption that empirical data can be collected, analysed and used as the basis for more effective advocacy.

The logic follows that such empirical data once collected, documented and analysed can be a sound basis on which to engage policy makers, with the view of influencing them in a conciliatory manner. Policy engagement, the logic follows, will encourage the translation of research innovations into policy and practice; thus increasing access to services, resulting in improving the standards of living of Ugandans.

The strategic partnerships, therefore, that CPAR Uganda desires to partner with for implementation of its policy advocacy programme are primarily:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Organisations engaged in Participatory Action Research
  • Think Tanks
  • Other development oriented organisations with the need to do empirical analysis of data from the implementation of programmes and for the purpose of advocacy.

If follows that CPAR Uganda’s research interests are in areas with synergy with our Preventative Health Care Programme. We will thus give priority to partnering with others interested in researching and advocating for issues related with:

  • Agriculture for food, income generation, environment regeneration and ameliorating the negative effects of climate change.
  • Land tenure systems and access to land.
  • Human development and health.
Photo: Registration at a CPAR Uganda Ltd policy engagement workshop.

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