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Research – theory of change for tuberculosis fight

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a major challenge for controlling tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda is there being insufficient reliable data or information which can be utilised to inform policy.

CPAR Uganda’s approach in the fight against TB, therefore, is located within a theory of change (TOC) that is based on the assumption that empirical data can be collected, which documents the barriers that hinder eradication of TB in Uganda.

The logic follows that such empirical data once collected, documented and analysed can be a sound basis on which to engage policy makers, with the view of influencing them in a conciliatory manner.

And that will encourage the translation of research innovations into policy and practice; thus increasing and improving Uganda’s chances of joining those nations that have eradicated TB.

Therefore, led by Ms. Norah Owaraga, Managing Director of CPAR Uganda Ltd, a Cultural Anthropologist; and with the suppor of Prof. Christopher Garimoi, Board Chair of CPAR Uganda and Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health of MUK, during 2016-2017 CPAR Uganda will collect empirical qualitative data on the state of TB in Uganda.  

On the basis of rigorous analysis of the data that it will collect,  researchers linked with CPAR Uganda will author research reports, articles and opinions for publication in academic journals and in the media.

The researchers will also use the data to author policy backgrounders and policy briefs, which documents will form the basis for CPAR Uganda’s engagement with Uganda’s policy makers and implementers.

Policy dialogue sessions are planned and the media shall be utilised for targeted advocacy for policy development and or revision; or for good policy implementation.

CPAR Uganda is confident that its TOC will hold true and that its research study project shall significantly contribute to bridging Uganda’s gap of insufficient availability of reliable data on TB for policy making and implementation; and thus it will contribute to breaking the cycle of Uganda’s TB burden.

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