We are delighted to welcome Alum Vicky onto our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” She will effectively begin here journey with us on 7th January 2021 when she will participate in a training session on cash flows that will be facilitated by our lead mentor, Norah Owaraga, at our Lira Learning Centre from 7th to 9th January 2021.

We are convinced that Alum qualifies for our mentoring programme because, for example, after her employment contract with BRAC ended, she did not sit back and twiddle her thumbs dejectedly, but she innovated and started a business – dealing in second hand clothes.

According to her:

“This business helped me to raise some small profits and I invested into farming. I do cultivate cash crops, like: sim sim (sesame) and this again helped me to boost up my business. And the remaining part of the money I use it for paying school fees for my young brothers and sisters. Some part of the cultivated sim sim remains for home consumption.

I believe that the ideas that I will get from CPAR Uganda will also make me become a better innovator.”

Alum Vicky, Innovator

Alum is a descended from Lango Kingdom. Her ancestral village Amolator Acon Village in Amolator District, although she is currently a resident of Lira City. She is a university graduate who holds a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Kampala University.

11 thoughts on “Alum Vicky Joins Mentoring Programme

  1. “I learnt how to use the cash flow I realized that I can know how much profits or loses I have made during a given period of time.” Great learning Vicky and I hope by knowing your profits and loses you are also using that information to make informed decisions in running your businesses and in planning and budgeting to do even better in the future. Keep walking in the right direction.


  2. Before joining the mentoring program I used to lack a lot in terms skills, knowledge and my social ways of living was so narrow but I would want to say a big thanks to CPAR Uganda under the leadership of my Lead Mentor for the skills imparted to me during the time I joined the program, I learnt how to use the cash flow I realized that I can know how much profits or loses I have made during a given period of time and also am so privileged to be part of the team (innovators ) who is participating in the challenging categories educated unemployed youth in rural Uganda has also made me know that my university knowledge I can use it in the creativity world by being creative or creating my own job instead of wasting time looking for jobs in people’s offices where by some one may end up being underemployed so I feel with the mentorship am getting now has changed my life too much I have come back to my senses of taking every activities as some thing that makes me busy provided I get money from it at the end of the day.

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  3. Congratutions Vicky , you are warmly welcome to join us at CPAR UG LTD, I believe that together we can make positive changes in our lives and community at large

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  4. Welcome to our family of innovators Alum Vicky. We look forward to doing great things together for our personal development and in service of our communities.

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