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Launch of Two-year research and advocacy project in Lango and Teso

CPAR Uganda, Lira University and University of East Anglia, UK, are pleased to announce the inception of our research and advocacy project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda,” funded by the British Academy.

Dr. Ben Jones giving the overview of the project during the team workshop

The project leaders are Dr. Ben Jones of the University of East Anglia, an anthropologist conducting long-term fieldwork in the Teso Sub-Region; Dr. Laury Ocen of Lira University, a leading researcher on youth in northern Uganda and a published poet, author and filmmaker;  and Ms. Norah Owaraga the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda, a cultural anthropologist and communications expert.

“My time in Uganda has shown me that many ‘unemployed’ educated young people are making a real difference to their communities.”

Dr. Ben Jones

The challenge is:

“Can we find ways of valuing what young people are doing in their communities – getting beyond labels that define them as unemployed, idle or simply ‘stuck’?”

Dr. Ben Jones

Dr. Jones, Dr. Ocen, and nine young innovators under the mentorship of Ms. Owaraga will conduct field work in Lango and Teso sub-region, for three studies focused on youth, education and politics in rural Uganda.

The formal launch of our project will take place at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre tomorrow, 17th April 2021, with a few invited guests.

3 responses to “Launch of Two-year research and advocacy project in Lango and Teso”

  1. Great opportunity for the people of Lango as well as the young innovators who will be helping in the research as this will give them a great opportunity to learn and become future researchers

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  2. I have nothing but praise for the sense of empowerment the I perceive from my keen interest on the many young people that are being transformed. Well done for making the youth hopefully in success.

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