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My parents were happy I made them proud

The field visit by the CPAR Uganda Managing Director and her team made me realized that CPAR Uganda has long term plans for changing the communities in Northern Uganda and Uganda at large, it’s just a matter of time.

It was a great honour having the CPAR Uganda team visiting us young adult innovators in our respective business places. When the team came to my ICT shop in Lumumba, Lira City, the community around were wondering what was happening.

James Opollo at his shop during the field visits

They saw huge cameras, new faces, movements and actions taking place inside the shop and outside; making me to respond to many questions from the community after the exercise. I simply told them those are team of experts making follow-ups on us whom they trained in business management!

James Opollo at their family home were they grow and sell tree seedlings.

The team also visited our home. My parents were happy for me as I made them proud as people in the neighborhood saw camera interviews live from home; and others were saying they use to see only on TV but it was live/physically that day.

I urge my fellow beneficiaries to work hard. We shouldn’t wait to be employed by others, but rather focus much on strengthening the small businesses we have started to expand and we recruit people in nearby future.

In that context we shall be offering job opportunities to members of our communities as well giving them services hence economic empowerment and reduction in poverty shall be realize.

By James Opollo, Innovator

2 responses to “My parents were happy I made them proud”

  1. I love the commitments CPAR is doing in the fight against poverty through making the young adult innovators understand poverty in details, and promoting hardwork amongst the innovators. Am happy to be one of the innovators under CPAR. Credits to MD CPAR Uganda.


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