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Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

Young and bursting with ambition, he sees himself trek the distance between Teso and Kampala, determined to only return to his sleepy little Ocelakur Village as an inspirational trendy tie, expensive suit wearing, Mortar Board clad graduate of Development Studies.

He sees himself seated at the back of a trendy 4 X 4, as a big NGO CEO, cruising around, waving at half naked smiling village children, while acknowledging the realities of the vulnerable poor that line up to narrate their challenges.

Reality, instead, delivers him into the bowels of the city, at the gate of a forgettable CBO, saluting his underpaid bosses as a little appreciated watchman, with a bullet-less rifle that would best be appreciated as a cane.

How do we recognize ourselves in Oluka Robert’s struggles? How do we identify with his eventual rise from the ashes to his shylock business? What would one understand of this graduate’s choice of occupation outside employment? Was he actually at rock bottom at all?

What does it take to pursue a dream? What happens for you, as a graduate, when your dream slips through your fingers? Where is God almighty in all this? Has he forgotten us? Do we forget him as he seems to have forgotten us?”

Asks Mr. Philip Luswata, CPAR Uganda Media Consultant.

CPAR Uganda is mentoring young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to become innovators against poverty. In this video you get introduced to Mr. Robert Oluka, CPAR Uganda Innovator.  We look forward to reading your views on the questions posed above by our Media Consultant, and other questions similar. Enjoy the video.

One response to “Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka”

  1. God is there and has not forgotten us in this struggle only that we need patience and open mind to be able to think out side our school degrees, to not be afraid to get duty to chase money ..
    I think money is key to alot of things as these days, number one for u help a sick relative in the hospital, eat good food, get a job in the first place , you need money . Leave alone that young people have alot of pressure from community, family, parents , friends, and so much more …….
    Thanks for sharing this educative

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