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Formal Schooling versus our daily lives

“Kole District has over 178 schools, 52 nursery schools, 107 primary schools and 19 secondary schools. Many girls in Kole District, however, drop out of school because of COVID-19 and traditional gender sensibilities that mean educating the girl child is not a priority.

Sharon is a graduate teacher, yet she has failed to get employment in these Kole District schools. Does Kole District need girls like Sharon – graduated and unemployed – hanging around the villages? Where should girls like Sharon be and doing what? How should Sharon talk to girls like her, already at universities and institutions pursuing graduate studies in education? Is this a dead end? What need is there to graduate at all if this is how we end up?

Sharon is currently a shopkeeper. Is this a wasted opportunity, seeing as she is a graduate not practicing what she studied? How should education in Kole be structured to prepare communities to exploit people like this, like Sharon? How are graduates like her not being wasted opportunities in the villages? What would prevent Sharon from being a champion for women who have not had opportunities like hers?

What opportunities exist for unemployed graduates like her to become champions for other women on the village? Do graduates like her deserve any special note in our villages?”

Asks Mr. Philip Luswata, CPAR Uganda Media Consultant.

CPAR Uganda is mentoring young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to become innovators against poverty. In this video you get introduced to Ms. Sharon Acio Enon, CPAR Uganda Innovator. We look forward to reading your views on the questions posed above by our Media Consultant and other questions similar. Enjoy the video.

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