A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

“I am really happy that Dr. Ben Jones has reprogrammed my mindset and has made research more relaxed and very interesting,” 

shared Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello.

Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello and Innovator Robert Oluka relaxing in Ngora.

Further insight into how and why Dr. Jones has succeeded in positively impacting our lives was provided by Innovator Robert Oluka, who testified that: 

“Working with Dr. Jones as a research assistant, I am getting to know the best techniques of data collection, like participant observation. In this approach, I learnt to be simple, friendly, and use psychology to get quality data.”

Oluka Robert

Some may take it for granted, but to us here in Uganda, the impact of us working alongside Dr. Jones is hugely significant. Consider, for example, the impact it has had on Innovator James Opolo, who enlightened us as follows: 

“I knew data collection as using questionnaires. Through the mentorship of Dr. Jones, I am learning ethnographic data collection – about getting concrete and detailed data from the field.” 

Opolo James

Innovator Vicky Alum and Innovator James Opolo

Similarly, Innovator Vicky Alum shared: 

“Under the supervision of Dr. Jones, I have learnt so many ways in which one can collect data – like mapping, observation and hanging out; which have simplified our work. I know know that research does not have to be the most difficult thing to do.”

Alum Vicky

And for making an activity that we prior thought difficult simple, Dr. Jones has enhanced our lives beyond our work and has as well impacted our individual personal development within our communities. Acio Sharon Enon, for example, shared: 

“As we do data collection under the supervision of Dr. Jones, I have developed friendships with people within my community who I did not know before. I am getting business ideas from our interviewees.”

Acio Sharon Enon

Innovator Sharon Acio Enon

Observing Dr. Jones do fieldwork in an extraordinary manner, which is not the norm among Ugandan academics, is refreshing. Click here and read more…

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