Shame on your hand

Opening this weekend at the National Theatre, “Shame on Your Hand” is a play by Philip Luswata, which he describes as:

“Reaching out equally to the men that raise ladies, as well as those who court ladies. It is reaching out as well to the women that go through the experience of being women.”

Philip Luswata

He adds:

“Stories told by girls and or women aren’t always pretty and they don’t always end well. They hurt to tell and they hurt to hear. Yet women still tell them because beauty exists in both darkness and light.”

Philip Luswata

Directed by Sharon Atuhaire and Luswata, “Shame on Your Hand” is a play with an ALL FEMALE CAST! And they are:

  • Viola Najjuko
  • Mutesi Vivian Issa
  • Nakitto Babirye Aidan
  • Namusoke Elizabeth
  • Sheena Kemihegyeyo
  • Pauline Asiimwe
  • Nalwanga Suubi
  • Catrinah Naturinda
  • Shanita Akandinda
  • Namuli Daisy Tendo
  • Monica Jacobs Birwinyo
  • Martha Mwanja Amita

Please hid the call and accept the invitation to attend so as to:

“Add your voice, through your attendance and promotion of this deeply honest and ‘un’-comfortable theatrical conversation of liberation and appreciation of the woman you see.

Philip Luswata

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