Improved Standards of Living Strategic Direction

Our focus is to work towards contributing to the achievement of our Overall Goal (Vision) that standards of living in households of disadvantaged active poor women and men in Greater Northern Uganda – West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Karamoja and Bukedi – are improved through the participatory efforts of members of those households and through the promotion of government public services delivery.

Our Programme Purpose (Mission), operating under four thematic areas – human resources development; livelihoods; preventative healthcare; and research – is to ensure that young adults, women and men, of Greater Northern Uganda from disadvantaged backgrounds become able to innovate, initiate, manage, advocate and sustain social, political and economic development processes for the benefit of their respective households first and then also for the benefit of others in their respective communities.

A cadre of consciously awakened and skilled innovators – young adults, women and men – is in place voluntarily, proactively, innovating, stimulating and facilitating development processes in their respective communities is among our Major Planned Outputs and Results (The Objectives).

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