Our History

CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR Uganda) is a not-for-profit organisation that is incorporated in the Republic of Uganda as a company that is limited by guarantee and is without share capital. It is registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), registration number 102332.

It was founded in 2008 by development minded individuals, who at the time were the Uganda Country Advisory Committee of the international charity, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR). The founder members of CPAR Uganda are thus:

  • Dr. Rita Laker Ojok, PhD Agricultural Economics (First Board Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach, PhD, MPH, MMed, DPH, MBchB, Certificate in Health Emergencies
  • Mr. Alex Bwangamoi Okello, MBA, BSc., DipEdu, DipPA, FCIS
  • Ms. Judy Adoko, Dip Rural Poverty, Dip Legal Practice, Degree in Law.
  • Justice Stella Arach-Amoko, Master of Laws, Bachelor of Laws
  • Prof. Fred Opio Ekong, PhD, MEcon, Bsc. Agriculture (RIP)

Essentially, CPAR Uganda used to be the Uganda country office and programme of CPAR, until 2008 when, in the interest of sustainability, it was converted into an indigenous independent Ugandan not-for-profit organisation.

The founders of CPAR Uganda decided to keep the acronym “CPAR” for historic and strategic reasons. Within the context of CPAR Uganda, however, the acronym “CPAR” is not defined word for word, but rather its meaning is derived from CPAR Uganda’s vision, mission, objectives and work in Uganda. For example, a founder member of CPAR Uganda recently explained the meaning of CPAR within the CPAR Uganda context as follows:

CPAR (in the context of CPAR Uganda) means to volunteer and to contribute to development with the skills God has given you. That is what CPAR means. What we only want to do is to see those people who still have energy, who have ideas, and turn that around so that this thing called poverty should not be there in our rural Uganda. That is what we want.

Mr. Alex Bwangamoi Okello, Chair Finance Committee of CPAR Uganda Board of Directors.

Within CPAR Uganda’s logo the history of how it evolved and it’s relationship with CPAR is indicated. The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol, thus the maple leaf placed in a map of Uganda, as depicted in the CPAR Uganda Logo, connotes that CPAR was in Uganda and left an everlasting positive footprint. It also connotes that the work of CPAR lives on in the hearts of Ugandans and forms the foundation on which CPAR Uganda continues to build.

CPAR Uganda’s logo connotes that it is associated with CPAR; but that CPAR Uganda is a distinct legal entity from CPAR; and therefore distinguishing ownership and accountability of CPAR Uganda from that of CPAR.

Contact us: at our Lira Learning Centre, Plot 5 Makerere Road (near Lira Golf Course), Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.; or via email: info@cparuganda.com; or tel.: 256 788 562 571.

It should be noted that the laws of Uganda stipulate that not-for-profit organisations in Uganda must obtain only one legal identity, either by registering with the Uganda Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Board as an NGO; or with URSB as either a company limited by guarantee or as trust. CPAR Uganda chose the latter and as a company limited by guarantee.


  1. A true speech from our guest speaker, CPAR means volunteering, and indeed, the volunteer bit of brings a lot of positive impact that it carries, indeed I’m grateful to CPAR Uganda for it’s positive impact on the mindset of the 12 young adults whom I’m believing are agents of changes to the community where they are from. I’m personally an agent of change in my own household and looking forward to changing those near to me who can also act as change agents to others.

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