‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

Our Innovators, you adults whom we are mentoring under our project: "MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAINST POVERTY", are busy innovating and transforming our Lira Centre into a vibrant learning centre that may actually become self-sustaining in the longer-term. Enon's FOODS IN LAWNS PROJECT is one such excellent project that our innovators have come up … Continue reading ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

Value of Mutuba Trees

Backcloth is a major value which is derived from Mutuba trees alongside other values, including not limited to the following: Backcloth Making @ photo credit Fred Mutebi Shade for domestic animals; and for crops, such as coffee and banana plants.Fodder for domestic animals, for example goats and cows.Wind breakers, especially so for banana plantations.FodderLightening arrestorManure … Continue reading Value of Mutuba Trees

Help with Kindness

The way in which individual and corporate givers have politicized their giving to the Uganda COVID relief fund and their insistence to give loudly, is extremely insensitive to the feelings of those Ugandans whom COVID-19 has temporarily pushed into absolute poverty.

11 Successfully Complete Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda

On Friday, 14th February 2020, eleven young adults (4 men and 7 women) fulfilled all requirements and thus successfully completed the first of four modules of our CPAR Uganda Ltd innovator mentoring programme. We awarded them certificates, because they: “Satisfactorily completed 23 days of training on Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda as part of CPAR … Continue reading 11 Successfully Complete Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda