Growing Mituba Trees in Uganda

It appears that Mituba trees, as they are known in Luganda, the language of the Baganda, the largest first nation of Uganda; or Ebongut, in Ateso, the language of the Iteso, my people, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, are still growing in Uganda. Their scientific name is Ficus natalensis (commonly known as Natal… Continue reading Growing Mituba Trees in Uganda

History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

Mr. Johson Stanley Okullo Engole recollects and shared how he remembers the entry of the Uganda Country Programme of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR Uganda) in to Lango. He did so during a Loro Sub-County Elders Forum that was hosted by CPAR Uganda Ltd at its Loro Base Camp on Tuesday, 15th August… Continue reading History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

Resilient Young Innovator in COVID-19 Era

Within a couple of weeks from receiving our small grant, Bency's shop is already up and running! Yesterday, she checked in, sending this photo via WhatsApp: Bency on the right with her aunt in her newly opened small shop. Accompanied with the following text message: "Good evening MD, I have started it small, thanks to… Continue reading Resilient Young Innovator in COVID-19 Era

Meaning of Participation

"Participation" is one of those concepts that is taken for granted as so obvious and universal for all, but it is not always the case that we all have a universal understanding of it, particularly so in the context of the development arena. It is doubtful, for example, that in practice we accept it as:… Continue reading Meaning of Participation

11 Successfully Complete Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda

On Friday, 14th February 2020, eleven young adults (4 men and 7 women) fulfilled all requirements and thus successfully completed the first of four modules of our CPAR Uganda Ltd innovator mentoring programme. We awarded them certificates, because they: “Satisfactorily completed 23 days of training on Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda as part of CPAR… Continue reading 11 Successfully Complete Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda

“It is Because of Mummy”

“It is because of mummy.” This is one of the most common words spoken not only by many children in rural areas, but also those in urban areas of Uganda. Gender issues have made some women to become bread winners in their respective households, despite tradition and religion acknowledging men as the bread winners. Some… Continue reading “It is Because of Mummy”

The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

Personally, I have been thinking that because issues of women are not well handled by traditional leaders and political leaders, it made women to resort to the Church. In fact, women are the majority in church congregations in my home area. But the role play that was acted as part of our training has made… Continue reading The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

The Richest Man in Kole

Mr. Okello, the richest man in my village is a smallholder farmer practising mixed farming. He cultivates mainly temporary cash crops like: cassava, millet and maize; and vegetables like boyo, abuga. Every plot of his land has fruits like mangoes, oranges, passion fruits, growing; whose leaves fall down, rot and decompose to provide manure for… Continue reading The Richest Man in Kole