Karamoja is Part of Uganda

“We have received enormous positive feedback from women and men about you. They say the keynote address has sparked untapped emotions and it has generated conversations on the position of women and Karamoja in Uganda. The conversations are taking place in small circle of groups, families, including on social media. We won’t stop saying thank… Continue reading Karamoja is Part of Uganda

“I never used to earn as much,” Testified Jamila Eton

Through CPAR Uganda, a local NGO, we were taught good farming methods. They showed us to grow it in rows, with one seed per hole. With good rains, we weed after one month. Then three weeks after that. Sunflower will be ready for harvest within three months. Simsim is good too as a cash crop… Continue reading “I never used to earn as much,” Testified Jamila Eton