RDC Implicated in Landgrab in Connivance with UETCL

While she was the Oyam Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Akullu Gillian Omara, colluded with Ogwang Robert Charles (while he was Oyam Deputy Chief Administrative Officer), Ekwaro Robert – Chairman LC III Loro Sub-County and Ogo Denis (while he was Loro Sub-County Chief), henceforth to be referred to as the Loro 4, to grab developed land… Continue reading RDC Implicated in Landgrab in Connivance with UETCL

Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

"My name is Margie, from Kacilo Village, Sangai Parish, Ochelakur Sub-County. I tried to borrow from many people from whom I hoped to get money from but I failed. I also had a group where we save some little monies, but it was like every member from the group needed money, so the group committee… Continue reading Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

CPAR Uganda bought 6.2 acres from Abila Fred in Alica

CPAR Uganda would like to notify the general public that on 27th March 2007 we entered into agreement with Abila Fred (since deceased) to buy approximately 6.194 acres of land (48 plots, each measuring 35X15M) in Alica Village in Loro-Sub-County in Oyam District. The said land belonged to the descendants of late Nebokadoneza Okuku. This… Continue reading CPAR Uganda bought 6.2 acres from Abila Fred in Alica

Withdraw from 1.33 billion shillings project

CPAR Uganda notifies the general public that it has prematurely ended its partnership with School of International Development, University of East Anglia (UEA) when it withdrew from being an implementing partner for the project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda,” which received a grant award of GBP 298,658 (about 1.33… Continue reading Withdraw from 1.33 billion shillings project

2 new development projects

Two young adults, beneficiaries of our mentoring programme, have trully come of age as innovators against poverty for their respective rural communities. With guidance from our lead mentor, our two budding innovators, did participatory action research and consultations within their respective communities and on that basis authored a project proposal each. The first one, "500 women of… Continue reading 2 new development projects

Video: TB in Uganda

“It is where she was working as a maid for Indians that is where she got the problem. When you are cooking their food you have to put a lot of chillies in it,” explained a mother of how she believes her teenage daughter got infected with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). This was April 2017, during… Continue reading Video: TB in Uganda

A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

"I am really happy that Dr. Ben Jones has reprogrammed my mindset and has made research more relaxed and very interesting," shared Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello. Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello and Innovator Robert Oluka relaxing in Ngora. Further insight into how and why Dr. Jones has succeeded in positively impacting our lives was provided by Innovator… Continue reading A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

Video – MD’s Weekly Episode 1

“As the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda, I am delighted to share with you that our innovative, cutting age, research and advocacy project is off the ground. We have been in the field for about four months now collecting data on the whole idea of challenging categories – educated unemployed youth as institutional innovators in… Continue reading Video – MD’s Weekly Episode 1

The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, would like to re-connect with the family and the descendants of the late Dr. Paul David Hargrave (1952-1998). We want to share with them how the gift that Dr. Hargrave gave us, keeps on giving. Our Lira Learning Centre, constructed at least a decade ago, while CPAR Uganda was a… Continue reading The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)