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Menstrual Hygiene Campaign 2023

Women demand right to menstruate with dignity

Women in Uganda

Project Duration
12 Months

Susan, Norah and Precious, are at a one-day high-level intellectual study group session at a prestigious resort in the city. Of the twelve participants at the session, we are the only women. We are development actors, media practitioners and personalities.

We get talking and realise that we have something else in common. Each one of us at sometime has had to carry in our handbags used pads or tampons for lack of disposal infrastructure. In Uganda, while we are in public spaces, we often find ourselves where there are no period-friendly toilets.

We have a lightbulb moment. Each one of us is in a key position to do something about it. We agree to team up on a CPAR Uganda menstrual hygiene campaign to generate empirical data on the extent of the problem. We target to conduct face-to-face surveys with at least 100 people and to do sight visits to at least 20 establishments – 5 per district. In addition, we will run online surveys open to all – Ugandans and visitors to Uganda, past and present. Our target is to get at least 500 online survey respondents.

We will raise consciousness among Ugandan men and women about the indignities that women go through when period-friendly toilets are not provided. Our call to action for this campaign is two-fold: Provisioning of period-friendly toilets for all. And fundraising for funds to carryout activities focused on menstrual health.


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