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Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of Teenagers Neglected

"I have been part of the many people advocating for better sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of teenagers. The issue is deep rooted in our negligence as a country in handling SRHR of teenagers. They get pregnant because the country doesn't allow them to access modern family planning methods even though it is well known that many of them are already sexually active.

Letter to Customary Land Owners

There are opportunities that these new cities may create, but at the same time, we have to be alive to the reality that some fraudulent people can manipulate the community for selfish gains. Protect your land. You don't need to sell it in order to get money to buy land and settle elsewhere as some people are doing. You don't need to convert it to another tenure. You can safely own your customary land in a city, because the tenure is recognised under the law. What is only regulated is the land use.

Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19

We, at CPAR Uganda, are in awe of Bency's tenacity and are inspired by her. Utilizing donations given to us, we have thus decided to provide a grant to Bency of the minimum capital that she requires to rebuild and re-establish her business. In addition to the small financial grant we are giving to Bency, we will continue to mentor Bency and to provide her with technical knowledge and linkages as articulated in our mentoring programme, the best as we can during these trying times.

Quality of Maternity Care Service in Uganda

During the height of the insurgency in Northern Uganda, 1992 to 2008, with funding support from its partners, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) constructed 14 Maternal Health Centres and donated to them to the respective district local governments…

Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

With examples from the media in Uganda, the analysis contained in "Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths," gives a detailed description of gender-based violence in Uganda, in the domestic realm and in the public realm. It describes how gender-based…

Disruption of Pastoralists’ Lives

Iduwat Ochom, in reaction to the analysis contained in “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives,” as it was first published on the author’s “The Humanist View Blog”, commented: “On the notion of disruptive development, my conclusion, after working in Karamoja for…