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Education widens thinking but …

If I look back at some of our parents and grandparents who never went through formal education yet they were smart with organized minds. If our grandparents, for example, didn't have an organised mind, we wouldn't be where we are now. But they were organized in the way they brought up our mums and dads.… Continue reading Education widens thinking but …

Lecture on youth in politics

On invitation from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), as part of the activities for their SPACE Project Accountability Week, in Gulu District, on the morning of 7th February 2022, our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, delivered a “University lecture on the importance of youth participation in political processes.” Our media team was on sight and video… Continue reading Lecture on youth in politics

Testimony: interning with no participation?

"I didn't get to do the practical part even during internship. I thought maybe finally there was going to be practical, but sincerely our work as interns there was to sit and observe what would take place in a court room, without any participation. And maybe sending us around offices and arranging files. It looked… Continue reading Testimony: interning with no participation?

Graduates get lost in labour world

"It's a reality we have to deal with. Many young people get lost when they leave university, because they enter in another world. We will continue to engage universities but we should also do something to mentor those out to give them directions. I appreciate the "Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty" project by… Continue reading Graduates get lost in labour world

Testimony: theoretical knowledge is not enough

"I studied Bachelors in Demography and Reproductive Health. With the Reproductive Health part of it, I have practical things I am required to do. Well, while at the University, I did not do any practical thing my entire years at the University. And when I joined an organization for my Industrial training, it was "hell".… Continue reading Testimony: theoretical knowledge is not enough

Thank you, Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022

Season greetings to you all our followers, our supporters, my fellow staff members and the innovators under my mentorship. This year, 2021, has been an extra ordinary year for us all. Certainly, better than most, we, at CPAR Uganda, have done well, considering. On behalf of CPAR Uganda, I would like to thank you all… Continue reading Thank you, Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022

You can begin from nowhere but you succeed in life

Well, I know many graduates float without work (they are not in formal employment). I am a person who uses boda boda (motorcycle or bicycle taxi) cyclist for my transport and I always chat with many of them. One of them told me that: “You see, I did a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at… Continue reading You can begin from nowhere but you succeed in life

Video: There are no jobs, but a lot of work youths can do

Reacting to Robert Oluka’s video in which he shared his observations of the "futility of youth hope and aspirations when they join higher institutions of learning," a follower of our CPAR Uganda Facebook Page, “Healthy Dignified Lives”, Okello Ambrose Bob, a teacher, aptly asserted: “there are actually no jobs but a lot of work which… Continue reading Video: There are no jobs, but a lot of work youths can do

Leave a legacy through mentoring

It dawned on me that I was unnecessarily allowing work that can be done by others to pile up in my in-tray. And so, I decided to do something about it. Fix the problem of "I don't know accounts" and teach all our staff members bookkeeping, so that each does the bookkeeping for the transactions… Continue reading Leave a legacy through mentoring