Women access to finance

500 WOMEN OF OCHELAKUR SUB-COUNTY ACCESS FINANCE project is the first in a series of projects under our RURAL DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION PROGRAMME that we officially launched this month. WE ARE TARGETING TO RAISE 10 M (TEN MILLION SHILLINGS) as seed money for establishing and growing a loan scheme fund through which 500 women will access… Continue reading Women access to finance

Oluka, COVID-19 inspired money lender for the poor

My "Robert’s Money Lending Business" started in my village, Ocelakur in Kalaki District, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which hit the world, including my motorbike spare parts selling business in Lira City. Due to the lock down which was put in place by the Government, boda-boda (motorbike) riders, who were my esteemed customers,… Continue reading Oluka, COVID-19 inspired money lender for the poor