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Tag: Agroforestry

  • How we know we have effective social media presence

    How we know we have effective social media presence

    A Giving Heart wrote to me thus: “Hi Norah! I am a mentor for environmental initiatives. I read about Mutuba trees in your organisation Facebook page (CPAR Uganda Ltd’s Healthy Dignified Lives), and I got pretty interested.“ The posts on Mutuba trees that we have prior shared onto our Facebook page are: Value of Mutuba […]

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  • Value of Mutuba Trees

    Value of Mutuba Trees

    Backcloth is a major value which is derived from Mutuba trees alongside other values, including not limited to the following: Backcloth Making @ photo credit Fred Mutebi Shade for domestic animals; and for crops, such as coffee and banana plants. Fodder for domestic animals, for example goats and cows. Wind breakers, especially so for banana […]

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  • Growing Mituba Trees in Uganda

    Growing Mituba Trees in Uganda

    It appears that Mituba trees, as they are known in Luganda, the language of the Baganda, the largest first nation of Uganda; or Ebongut, in Ateso, the language of the Iteso, my people, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, are still growing in Uganda. Their scientific name is Ficus natalensis (commonly known as Natal […]

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