You can begin from nowhere but you succeed in life

Well, I know many graduates float without work (they are not in formal employment). I am a person who uses boda boda (motorcycle or bicycle taxi) cyclist for my transport and I always chat with many of them. One of them told me that: “You see, I did a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at… Continue reading You can begin from nowhere but you succeed in life

Video: There are no jobs, but a lot of work youths can do

Reacting to Robert Oluka’s video in which he shared his observations of the "futility of youth hope and aspirations when they join higher institutions of learning," a follower of our CPAR Uganda Facebook Page, “Healthy Dignified Lives”, Okello Ambrose Bob, a teacher, aptly asserted: “there are actually no jobs but a lot of work which… Continue reading Video: There are no jobs, but a lot of work youths can do

Mindset of youth today on purpose of education

This post is in reaction to the propositions made by Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen during the first team meeting of the Challenging Categories project and that were captured in short video titled: "Education is justice, education is excellence." Click here to watch and listen to it. We first want to agree with the statement made… Continue reading Mindset of youth today on purpose of education

Video: Dr. Ocen on Employment

Employment, under-employment and unemployment, according to Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen the Co-Investigator on the “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youths as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” Research Project, are frequently defined by the expectations of those that sponsor candidates through education (parents, government, etc.) and to a lesser extent the candidates themselves. Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen… Continue reading Video: Dr. Ocen on Employment

Creativity needed disseminating academic research

"In his thesis, "Reading Monuments: Politics and Poetics of Memory in Postwar Northern Uganda”, Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen presents monuments as material objects located on former sites of war to remember experiences of mass killings and abductions only.By so doing, other equally important experiences of war such as hunger, infant and child mortality, disease, beatings… Continue reading Creativity needed disseminating academic research

Video – Education is Justice, is excellence

In this video Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen, the Co-Investigator of the “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youths as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” Research Project opens by quoting three Greek Philosophers - Socrates, Aristotle and Plato - “Education is justice…education is excellence.” Two realities that continue to evade women of rural Uganda and indeed of the… Continue reading Video – Education is Justice, is excellence

Benefits of social media for academic research

“What interests me the most is what we can do with social and digital media. The ability to promote research directly to the public, and hear their feedback, while connecting academics and their wider audiences is an unparalleled opportunity for universities.I might not be able to persuade every academic I work with to join Twitter,… Continue reading Benefits of social media for academic research

Dr. Laury Ocen among Ugandan thinkers who write

"A society that stigmatizes other societies with the view of preserving its own values is not only perpetuating hostilities, but also alienating itself from very useful discoveries about the world beyond their frontiers." Dr. Laury Ocen. How so profound his wisdom, especially in today's Uganda when ethnic divisions are seemingly overtly intensifying. Indeed, the most… Continue reading Dr. Laury Ocen among Ugandan thinkers who write

Video – Dr. Laury Ocen on useful and useless knowledge

Families. Communities and Government invest a lot in training youths through formal education with the perceived end that they will become active contributors in community and family development. Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen giving a presentation at the first team workshop of our Challenging Categories Research Project. The reality is that this investment, however sustained, is… Continue reading Video – Dr. Laury Ocen on useful and useless knowledge

A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

"I am really happy that Dr. Ben Jones has reprogrammed my mindset and has made research more relaxed and very interesting," shared Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello. Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello and Innovator Robert Oluka relaxing in Ngora. Further insight into how and why Dr. Jones has succeeded in positively impacting our lives was provided by Innovator… Continue reading A grassroots communique on effective mentoring