May we conquer COVID-19 & Resume Normalcy

Last year, 2020, we, at CPAR Uganda, were highly optimistic that it would be the year in which we revive and re-grow our organisation, while implementing projects that have direct positive impact on the wellbeing of our constituency – active disadvantaged communities in our geography of operation, the Greater Northern Uganda and Uganda, generally. And … Continue reading May we conquer COVID-19 & Resume Normalcy

COVID-19 and agriculture: Lessons from a Ugandan woman farming as a business

In memory of my late Mum, who was an agriculturalist, I do farming as a business. And I am happy that through our large scale banana growing innovation. we created employment; we fed the market and generated income; and we fed our fellow community members. And, importantly, also, we proved that it is feasible and … Continue reading COVID-19 and agriculture: Lessons from a Ugandan woman farming as a business

Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19

We, at CPAR Uganda, are in awe of Bency's tenacity and are inspired by her. Utilizing donations given to us, we have thus decided to provide a grant to Bency of the minimum capital that she requires to rebuild and re-establish her business. In addition to the small financial grant we are giving to Bency, we will continue to mentor Bency and to provide her with technical knowledge and linkages as articulated in our mentoring programme, the best as we can during these trying times.

Help with Kindness

The way in which individual and corporate givers have politicized their giving to the Uganda COVID relief fund and their insistence to give loudly, is extremely insensitive to the feelings of those Ugandans whom COVID-19 has temporarily pushed into absolute poverty.