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Tag: culture

  • Don’t get used to free things

    Don’t get used to free things

    My grandfather, abaa dwong Otim Raymond, is a very interesting man. He decided to add to his name: ”Gi Nono Pe Nayi”, meaning: “don’t get so used to free things.” He even marked most of his assets like chairs, benches and others, with his new name, “Gi Nono Pe Nayi Otim Raymond.” He did so,…

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  • Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

    Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

    Initially in Kumam culture, being a ‘big man’ was earned from inheritance. For example, when the father died, it was the first borne male child who inherited the cattle riches; owned all of the land that was his father’s. He took over the position of the late father and automatically he became a ‘big man’…

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  • ‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

    ‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

    Some time ago, as I was growing up, as a young girl, a ‘big man’ in Teso was classified as one who possessed a lot of wealth in form of large herds of livestock; extensive land; married many wives; had homesteads and granaries of food stuffs; and had produced many children. This has changed in…

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  • How hard work earned me ‘big man’ status

    How hard work earned me ‘big man’ status

    In 2017, I was appointed the secretary to our small clan system called ‘DOGOLA’. During that time when the Chief was making his appointment for me to be on his cabinet, some elders said: “the position of the secretary needs someone who is matured and married.” And since I was not married, those elders were…

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  • Culture shouldn’t be ignored in Covid-19 vaccination

    Culture shouldn’t be ignored in Covid-19 vaccination

    Young people who went to get vaccinated in Lira City said that the rooms in which the vaccine is administered have no privacy – it’s like a hall with over 20 people and you can find men bare-chested as they unbuttoned their shirts to receive the injection on their shoulder. This is bad. The hospital…

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  • Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

    Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

    With examples from the media in Uganda, the analysis contained in “Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths,” gives a detailed description of gender-based violence in Uganda, in the domestic realm and in the public realm. It describes how gender-based violence is nurtured by myths; and how negative beliefs and practices have been normalized and…

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  • The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

    The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

    Personally, I have been thinking that because issues of women are not well handled by traditional leaders and political leaders, it made women to resort to the Church. In fact, women are the majority in church congregations in my home area. But the role play that was acted as part of our training has made…

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