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Tag: Customary Land Tenure

  • Fight against sexual and gender-based violence

    Fight against sexual and gender-based violence

    “When her husband died, my great grandma was pushed off family land and she lost all her cattle when she refused to marry her brother-in-law. Her father welcomed her back to his home and gave her a small piece of land and one cow to start the process of raising her boys.” Testimony recently shared…

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  • Judy Adoko among powerful women behind CPAR Uganda

    Judy Adoko among powerful women behind CPAR Uganda

    This year, 2022, one of our founding members, Judy Adoko, was a “Notable Medalist”, on Heroes Day. A well deserved recognition for her huge contribution to Uganda as a civil society practitioner. “Judith, your work is very commendable particularly to our Lango people who still own land in the clan as customary land. I am…

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  • History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

    History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

    Mr. Johson Stanley Okullo Engole recollects and shared how he remembers the entry of the Uganda Country Programme of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR Uganda) in to Lango. He did so during a Loro Sub-County Elders Forum that was hosted by CPAR Uganda Ltd at its Loro Base Camp on Tuesday, 15th August…

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  • Letter to Customary Land Owners

    Letter to Customary Land Owners

    There are opportunities that these new cities may create, but at the same time, we have to be alive to the reality that some fraudulent people can manipulate the community for selfish gains. Protect your land. You don’t need to sell it in order to get money to buy land and settle elsewhere as some…

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  • The Woman Landowner

    The Woman Landowner

    “The land that I owned and which UNRA needs for widening of the road is under customary tenure. I bought my land in 2010 from a female owner, now since deceased. In order for the sale to me to be executed and legitimised, a meeting was called between representatives of the clan of the seller…

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