Karamoja Livelihoods Programme (KALIP)

An analysis of 1,770 kilograms of maize that the participating households planted on a sample of 292 acres of land indicates that they harvested 110,000 kilograms; meaning that they realised a multiplication ratio of over 1:62.

AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

“The group members were excited of the expected good yield as exhibited by the maize and groundnut gardens doing very well. The manyatta garden group farming is a success story that could be replicated. The group members visited had planted fruit trees of citrus (oranges) and some neem trees. The trees appeared well catered.”Amudat District… Continue reading AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2012/2013 Annual Report

Over 2.7 billion shillings (Ushs. 2,724,716,899 - two billion, seven hundred twenty four million, seven hundred sixteen thousand, eight hundred and ninety nine shillings) was CPAR Uganda’s expenditure during our financial year which begun 1st April 2012 and ended 31st March 2013. Spent, primarily, on implementing six development interventions in nine districts of Alebtong, Dokolo,… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2012/2013 Annual Report

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2011/2012 Annual Report

In comparison to the previous financial year, during this reporting year, 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012, CPAR Uganda Ltd spent nearly twenty percent more money implementing our activities for the benefit of disadvantaged communities in northern Uganda. We spent to the tune of Ushs. 1,881,287,171 (one billion, eight hundred eighty one million, two… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2011/2012 Annual Report

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report

For this reporting financial year, 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011, we, CPAR Uganda Ltd, invested heavily in renovating our property in Loro Sub-County, in order to convert it into a Health Care Centre II to serve as an out-patient department. We also invested in implementing our three projects: Strengthen the capacities of health centres in… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report