A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

"I am really happy that Dr. Ben Jones has reprogrammed my mindset and has made research more relaxed and very interesting," shared Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello. Innovator Jimmy Ezra Okello and Innovator Robert Oluka relaxing in Ngora. Further insight into how and why Dr. Jones has succeeded in positively impacting our lives was provided by Innovator… Continue reading A grassroots communique on effective mentoring

Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

Initially in Kumam culture, being a ‘big man’ was earned from inheritance. For example, when the father died, it was the first borne male child who inherited the cattle riches; owned all of the land that was his father’s. He took over the position of the late father and automatically he became a 'big man'… Continue reading Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

Some time ago, as I was growing up, as a young girl, a ‘big man’ in Teso was classified as one who possessed a lot of wealth in form of large herds of livestock; extensive land; married many wives; had homesteads and granaries of food stuffs; and had produced many children. This has changed in… Continue reading ‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

Research brings positive impact on daily lives

We, at CPAR Uganda, are privileged to work closely with Dr. Ben Jones, a lecturer in development studies at the University of East Anglia (UEA). For a two year period 2021 to 2023, Dr. Jones is the Principal Investigator for our research and policy advocacy project: "Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in… Continue reading Research brings positive impact on daily lives

How hard work earned me ‘big man’ status

In 2017, I was appointed the secretary to our small clan system called ‘DOGOLA’. During that time when the Chief was making his appointment for me to be on his cabinet, some elders said: “the position of the secretary needs someone who is matured and married.” And since I was not married, those elders were… Continue reading How hard work earned me ‘big man’ status

Video: Dr. Ben Jones on the ‘Unemployed Graduate’

First a disclaimer. The moral situation is not wholesale grim for unemployed graduate youths that get entrusted with youth development interventions in their communities, but the general attitude amongst policy makers seems to be that graduate youths without clearly visible or defined sources of income are generally unemployed, vulnerable, in need of support, are a… Continue reading Video: Dr. Ben Jones on the ‘Unemployed Graduate’

Sarah Amongin joined mentoring programme

We are delighted to formally welcome Sarah Amongin onto our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” She effectively begun her journey with us in March 2021 when she was selected to be among the team of young innovators that are functioning as research assistants for the study that Dr. Ben Jones is carrying out in… Continue reading Sarah Amongin joined mentoring programme

Photos which speak to the values of CPAR Uganda

One of the major benefits that we are getting from our partnership with GlobalGiving is the opportunity to access great knowledge resources that challenge and inspire us to do better. This morning, for example, via email, I received GlobalGiving's recommended "The Best of Learn:2021"; and among them an article: "16 Practical Photography Tips for Ethical… Continue reading Photos which speak to the values of CPAR Uganda

Dr. Ben Jones on the need for a new vocabulary to describe Ugandan youth

There is a particular way in which people talk about young people in Uganda. There is a way they talk about people who don’t have work; and who might not have a salaried job. There is a very standard way, I think, in which often policy-makers, government officials, but also people in civil society, the… Continue reading Dr. Ben Jones on the need for a new vocabulary to describe Ugandan youth

When successful be approachable to youth, encourages Prof. Orach

Young people having access to inspiring people tends to be a matter of chance. That’s the tragedy we have. The young people may be even shy to reach out to the people they think are up there or who they may think are not even approachable. We should be able to grow, I want to… Continue reading When successful be approachable to youth, encourages Prof. Orach