Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19

We, at CPAR Uganda, are in awe of Bency's tenacity and are inspired by her. Utilizing donations given to us, we have thus decided to provide a grant to Bency of the minimum capital that she requires to rebuild and re-establish her business. In addition to the small financial grant we are giving to Bency, we will continue to mentor Bency and to provide her with technical knowledge and linkages as articulated in our mentoring programme, the best as we can during these trying times.

DFCU’s Corporate Social Investment

On Friday, 16th March 2018, at the invitation of DFCU Bank, in my capacity as the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda Ltd, a not-for-profit development organisation, I participated in a DFCU Conversation that was themed: “Let’s Talk the Future of NGOs.” The event that was held at Imperial Royal for executives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs)… Continue reading DFCU’s Corporate Social Investment